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QuestUpon Legends with Legend Tracker!

Sasquatch spotted in the remote mountains of Mission BC After putting out a request for sightings of Legends, we’ve narrowed down the submissions to two, this is one of them. A couple were hiking on a logging road above one of the lakes in Mission, BC, when taking photos of the scenic views they spotted

Sasquatch caught on video! We asked for videos of your sightings of Legends such as the Sasquatch, and are sharing some of the best we received! This tourist would like to remain anonymous. This tourist was visiting Mission, BC, Canada. Someone in the group witnessed something large moving in the woods. Those that didn’t run

Here’s a quick snippet of what it looks like to find a Legend with the all new Legend Tracker! We’d show more but don’t want to spoil the experience for those questing upon this Legend.  

We are excited to announce the release of Legend Tracker 2.0 this week! This 6th revision of Legend Tracker marks the start of an all new generation for trackers to quest upon. Over the past couple of years we’ve had a blast merging augmented reality and geo-caching to create exciting adventures. This version includes a

PlayMobility Makes Mobile More Playful: A Local Success Story Posted by Accelerate Okanagan on Nov 15, 2012 We are excited to share yet another local success story on the heels of our last feature on BeeLineweb.com. Today, we are proud to feature PlayMobility, an Okanagan-based mobile game developer whose latest game “Legend Tracker” has taken Ogopogo and

Sasquatch finds new home

Thursday, 27 September 2012 by

Sasquatch was looking for a new home in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. Cal Crawford with Landmark Realty was able to use Legend Tracker to keep his appointment with Sasquatch and show him around.      

This photo was submitted anonymously to us at Legend Tracker. The person states they had thought they were watching a bear until they noticed it was walking on two legs.                       We welcome your submissions!

New smartphone app aims to draw business to Mission Adrian MacNair - Mission City Record Published: July 11, 2012  The makers of a new smartphone app are hoping the elusive Sasquatch will draw visitors to Mission and in the process spend a few bucks at local businesses. Legend Tracker, a new app available at iTunes and

Legend Tracker Puts Mission on the Map Posted by MissionBIZeNews, July 2012 Renowned gorilla researcher Jane Goodall has romanticized him. Primatologist John Napier and anthropologist Gordon Strasenburg have postulated that he belongs to a thought-to-be-extinct hominid species called Paranthropus. He is purported to have attacked a party of miners in Washington, and has terrorized a family